Stress causes hair loss.

There are many symptoms of anxiety that seem to become self-fulfilling. A common example is hair loss. It often seems that those that live in constant fear about losing their hair may actually contribute to it, by giving themselves so much stress and anxiety that their hair may actually fall out.

Anxiety and loss of hair have a complex relationship, and it's probably not what you think. But anxiety can, in some cases it cause hair loss to occur, and in other cases it can make  lose hair itself more difficult to control.

The key issue between anxiety and hair loss is stress. Anxiety is, in many ways, long term and persistent stress. While technically these are two separate conditions and long term stress on its own can lead to many of the same symptoms, the reality is that anyone dealing with anxiety is putting themselves under severe mental and physical stress all the time.

Three types of hair loss that can be associated with high stress levels are:
  • Alopecia areata: A variety of factors are thought to cause alopecia areata, possibly including severe stress. With alopecia areata, white blood cells attack the hair follicle, stopping hair growth and making hair fall out.
  • Telogen effluvium: In this condition, emotional or physical stress pushes large numbers of growing hairs into a resting phase. Within a few months, the affected hairs may fall out suddenly when simply combing or washing your hair.
  • Trichotillomania: Trichotillomania (trik-oh-til-oh-MAY-nee-uh) is an irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body. Hair pulling can be a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, anxiety, tension, loneliness, fatigue or frustration.

It's highly likely that those with mild hair loss caused by anxiety are suffering from either telogen effluvium, or simply stress weakened hair. But the other two are also a concern and affect a smaller percentage of the anxiety population.
Telogen effluvium occurs when your body tells more hairs to stop growing than usual. Hairs have a grown cycle of two years before stopping and falling out two months later. If your body "tells" more hairs than normal to stop growing, two months later more hairs will fall out.

Discover new life in Hair naturally by Hair Shampoo.

Shampoo bottles cover up number of shelves in salons and supermarkets. It is not easy to select the right shampoo. Most of you hit the shop to buy that particular shampoo only which your favorite celebrity suggests you in any commercial by showing glossy and shiny hair. Hair shampooing is not an easy task if you wish to maintain the quality and strength of your hair. It is important to remember that every individual hair has its own different needs and these calls for a different shampoo to meet the needs.

Some of the various types of shampoos for hair shampooing are:-

  • Oily Hair Shampoo: If your hair gets greasy easily and feels oily even after hair shampooing then you need to choose cleansing shampoo. As these shampoos are formulated with panthenol, they will help to remove the oil completely.
  • Dry Hair Shampoo: Curly hair gets dry easily as the oil of the scalp does not reach to the hair tips. Many dry hair shampoo are available in the market that are enriched with minerals and vitamins needed by the hair. So get hair shampooing with these products.
  • Hair Fall Shampoo: If your hair strands are getting thinner, use effective hair fall shampoo and use it twice a week while hair shampooing. These shampoos contains amino acid that make your curls grow thicker from root to the tips.
  • Damaged Hair Shampoo: If your hair gets frequently heated while styling it with machine, then they are prone to get damaged as the moisture get reduces. While hair shampooing use damaged hair shampoo that comes with humectants to refill the moisture lost.
Shampooing is an essential need of hair without which your hair will lose life. It is very important to know the type of your hair and use the product accordingly to maintain the long, healthy and shiny hair.

Hair Loss and It's cure!!!

Hair loss: Not A Problem Anymore

Distressing, scary, depressing! These are the feelings when a person suffers from hair loss. Hair is men’s and women’s important asset, which set up one’s excellent appearance. It is normal when you lose about 50-100 strands of hair every day. But if you experience bald patches, thinning of scalp, you may be suffering from hair loss.

Hairs are treated as an important part of the beauty or one can say it as the crowning glory. Change in hairstyle transforms the personality of the person. Think how distressing it would be, if a person does not have hair to style-in?

Why I lost it?

Improper chemical hair treatment, severe illness or infection, intensive diets, pregnancy, constant pulling, rough combing and hereditary problems are some important reasons for hair loss. Although hair loss is distressing for everybody but hair loss in women is the cause of anxiety, which leads to lack of confidence.

Can you help me?
The good news is that hair loss can perfectly treated by various ways. Proper hair care should be taken as it plays an important role in the overall appearance of the person. Amla treatment, antioxidants, neem leaves, natural juices, oil massage and coconut milk are some of the important treatments.
Hair loss can make a person less attractive and less desirable. It decreases the self esteem and self confidence in a person. It gives a wrong perception of women towards its beauty. Shame, stress and denial are some of its heavy impact. Social phobia and mood disorder become common when a person gets into it. So always remember, hair loss is not a permanent problem if proper hair care is taken. Love your hair as you love yourself.

What is Hair Grooming!!!

Many individuals consider well hair grooming is done to attract others and to being in style. Hair grooming is the trimming, styling or removal of body hair for either of the purpose: to enhance the appearance, to attract the mate or for hygiene. There are many methods and tools that are used to remove and maintain body hair like shaving with razor blade, hot wax, wax strips, laser hair removal, clippers and scissor.

Hair grooming is mostly practiced by females, but this does not imply that male stay back from it. Females mostly groom their body hair frequently to make their skin clean and shinier. Hair grooming usually starts in female during puberty. They generally begin from under arms and legs and gradually achieve expertise. Women’s normally start hair grooming with shaving as the equipment is handy and easy to use. However, sometimes skin irritation starts, so it is advisable to consult some professional or salon when you are doing hair grooming first time.

In present time, men are becoming less hairy as they are more cautious on their look. The statement that being “a hairy man portray its manliness” does not stand in this modern time. Mostly men prefer to remove armpits hair and consider it as part of personal hygiene. This reduces additional heat and cause less perspiration. Apart from this, hair grooming is also done of chest and genital area hair.
Hair grooming is important and positive step to make an individual presentable before others. It also makes you feel fresh. So what are you waiting for? Spend some time to do hair grooming before you take a shower and enhance the beauty of your skin.

Hai Colouring!!!

Do you ever wish to go fiery red or blonde? If you are bored with dull black or brown hair and want some change, then highlight your hair by hair colouring, which probably is the best option that you are looking for. Trendy hair colours are superb fashion statement. Moreover, if you have perfect hair colouring and you carry it smartly, then you will definitely leave other people spell bound. The first step to take before the hair colouring is to take into account your hairstyle, your eye’s colour and to some extent your personality. But the major role that plays is your skin tone or complexion.

Judge your skin tone while hair colouring

To get hair coloring that compliments your skin tone increases your beauty and charm. For example, if you have very dark complexion and you get blonde hair coloring, this will simply make you look terrible. If you have pale skin then hair coloring with jet black will be pretty drastic. Once you finalize the basic color, then there are endless of shades to choose. Visit your local salon as they have color charts and they can guide you well, which color will suit according to your skin tone.

Test your sensitivity

It is advisable to first test the color that it is not harming your skin. Put some hair color right behind your ears or above the elbow skin. Leave the color for 5 to 6 hours. If the hair color causes any irritation or burning on skin, avoid it to use on hair and scalp and immediately consult your doctor. In this case, you might need to choose hair coloring products that contain fewer chemicals.
Hair coloring is one of the methods to highlight your hair with any color that you wish to apply. So go trendy with amazing ranges of hair colors.